Handmade Beauty: Tips For Creative Card Marking

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Across the world thousands of cards and greetings are exchanged on a daily basis. We exchange greeting cards for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, to say thank you or to say I love you. However if you really need to make the person feel very special, it is always a good idea to present him/her with one of your own creative efforts. Mentioned below are a few tips for quick, easy and creative card making that you could use to fascinate those you love and make them feel special.

Use a bit of reality

It is always lovely to see a little bit of reality in your cards. It gives the card a natural look and sense of aliveness. For this purpose you could use pressed flowers and leaves. When preserving flowers and leaves they should be placed in between two tissue papers so that the moist will be absorbed by the papers. After a month or so, the pressed flowers and leaves could be used to decorate your greeting card.

Use of Objects

You can use little objects like buttons, sequins, beads, memory box dies, ribbons and laces in your cards to give it an embossed look.

These little objects always add a little more glamour to your cards. Especially the use of wonderful memory box dies and buttons gives a 3D effect to the card making it appear large and eye catching.

Sew it or use fabric

Sewing always gives a crafty touch to the card. It is also very easy to come up with a simple pattern of sewing and at the same time it gives a huge amount of handmade beauty to your card. For example for a girl’s birthday card you could cut a small dress from cloth and give it a bit of a real touch with a little bit of needle work and you can match the colors of the paper and the board and you are done with a simple yet elegant handmade card.

Give it a wired touch

You can make the card look funkier by adding some movement to it. Use wires, thread and twine to create simple movements. For example for a bon voyage card, you can make the ship look as if it is moving. It is only a matter of a little bit of elementary physics and tedious hand work.

Use of patterns

You can use designs, patterns and shapes in your card to give it an abstract look. The shapes or designs do not have to mean anything as long as they are eye catching. You could use printed ribbons or printed fabric for this purpose as well.

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