For A Peaceful Monday Morning

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You are probably already mocking at the title. How can Monday mornings ever be peaceful? It is always the most dreaded time of the week. That’s one day that we all hope never comes. However, there are one or two things you can do to make it a little better. When I say Monday here, it technically means all weekdays, because we all know, we endlessly worry about all chores that has to be done all week, on Mondays.
The most important thing is to make proper use of your weekend. Yes,it is the time to chillax and party, but dedicate an hour or two of your weekend, to make your weekdays stress free at least up to some extent. Pre plan your outfits for the entire week, iron them in the weekend. When you know you can afford to spend a few more minutes in the bed because you don’t have to figure out what to wear or Iron that morning, that’s half the stress gone. Make sur you set aside shoes and other accessories to match your outfits well ahead too. The key is to leave as much thinking as possible, for the Monday morning. If you have kids, do the same with their clothes too. If they have a particular uniform that they should wear, invest in an about five sets, so that you don’t have wash and iron any, in the middle of the week.
The next worry on our minds is food. Get hold of some recipes that you could prepare over the weekends, for the entire week. If your refrigerator is too small, look for fridges for sale. It will undoubtedly be nothing but an investment.
Prepare food for you and your family, separated in zip locks, label them and put them away in the freezer. However, when you look for freezer for sale Melbourne, look for energy efficient ones, so that you don’t end up spending much on electricity. 
Tick laundry and house cleaning off your to-do list every single weekend. Even if the laundry pile is not too big, even if the house is seemingly clean, get those anyway. You will have a fresh start to the week. Plan your week ahead on Sunday. Write everything that has to be done, and prioritize. 
Last but not least, lead a healthy lifestyle. If you wake up every morning to a hangover, it is time you change your Sunday routine. Work out every day. Eat good nutritious food. Have six-eight small meals per day. Cut down on sugar and simple carbs. These things go a long way in being healthy, having a good day at work, and being generally happy.

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