How To Make Your Gift Extra Special?

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Seasons change, occasions and anniversaries roll up; and people are forever on the lookout for the perfect gift to give their loved ones. For some, it’s as simple as popping into a store and finding whatever’s in their mind—or even shopping online. For others, it’s a little harder.

They take months to figure out what they need, and then longer (perhaps) to seek it out. And even if they do, they don’t know if it’s “special enough”.

Here are a few of our suggestions on how to make your presents more special and thoughtful.

DIY or hand make it.

No matter how expensive some gifts can be, the charm that handmade or DIY gifts bring is of a different league. Depending on the occasion, and the gift receiver, you can make it simple or a little complex. If you’re good with wood work, consider making unique furniture. Something like a wooden handmade jewelry box would make lovely wedding anniversary gifts paired together with jewelry (or without). Even hand crafted picture frames make good gifts for people who are good at drawing.

Customize it.

This one’s infallible when it comes to making a gift special. No matter what the gift is, or what the occasion is, if you customize it to suit the gift receiver (and add a touch of yourself into it if possible), then it becomes special almost automatically. Jewelry for example, is always chosen when it comes to anniversary gifts in NZ. Customize it so it’s meant to remind the wearer of a special moment the 2 of you shared. Or customize it, so that it “screams” her.

Pretty it up with wrapping.

A gift always looks better when it’s wrapped well. Regardless to whether it’s expensive or cheap, to whether it’s big or small, if you wrap it up creatively, it’ll look very special—and different. Look for unusual wrapping papers, both design and texture. Play around with how you can wrap it. Look up on a few tutorials online if your creativity doesn’t reach that far. Practice and perfect a few styles that you find. Don’t worry, you’ll come up with more results that you can do.

Amplify the personal touch.

Cards are almost a forgotten thing nowadays, even with gifts. If you don’t do cards either, no worries. Add a personal, hand written note (if your handwriting is readable, of course!), and it will add just the right touch to make it extra special, and personal. If writing isn’t your forte, you can still add the note; only keep it small and simple. Keep it real and heartfelt. Add a little humor, be a little cheeky…put a smile on their face even before they open your gift.


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