What Factors have Contributed to the Popularity of Wool Socks?

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Whenever we do some activities, our feet feel the strain and pressure more than any other parts of the body. This is the reason why you should always protect it with a pair of high tech merino wool socks that can be a good defense for your feet.

Design of the socks

Merino wool socks are made antibacterial fibers and are very commonly used by racers, runners, athletes and sportsperson who have incorporated it as a part of their athleticism. The performance of this fabric is maximized to provide comfort and fitness to the person wearing it. These socks proffer an extra layer of woolen fiber in the front part and heel for adding comfort and strength as well as lessen the amount of contact. It also includes flexible bands at the ankle, above the instep and beneath the curves to support and closely fit and provide cosines.

Properties of the fibers used in making the socks

Merino wool is a fabulous fiber that is involved in making high quality travel socks at reasonable price. Many people regard it as a miracle fabric and it is undoubtedly true to this fact. Merino wool has some properties that can make you feel especially comfortable, when specifically compared to familiar socks fabrics like cotton.

• Socks made of merino wool are an outstanding insulator that helps to keep your feet warm even in freezing chilly weather. Even in a long strenuous journey, it will keep your feet balmy when cold and cool when hot.

• It is a great moisture absorbent; but as the moisture is contained in the interior layers of the fiber, the fabric feels dry even when wet. When it becomes over saturated with water, though it feels heavy yet it provides the warm comfort that is its characteristic trait. This quality is present only in merino wool and no other fabric used in making socks can offer it. Preventing the chill of a wet fabric to reach the skin of the wearer is something no other material like cotton or polyester can achieve. The Sock Lady offers the best work socks available in the market. 

• It dries away quite quickly and depending upon the intensity of its wetness, it can compete with the quick drying ability of a few synthetic fibers. It is naturally anti fungal, anti bacterial and thus hypoallergenic. The chemical and structural properties of merino wool don’t let these micro-organisms to build up and thus it can be easily worn by people with sensitive skin.

• It is also naturally odor resistant and as most of the foul odor in the body is caused by bacterial wastage, the bacteria resistant fibers keeps away odors from building up. When you wear these socks, you can feel its tenderness which doesn’t wear away with time and so this has been deemed as one of the best travel socks.

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