Types Of Teams In The Australian Football League

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Australia is a country that takes its sporting activities seriously. They are highly involved in many sports and all of the country’s citizens are thoroughly invested in the games played within and outside the country. Australian Football League is the highest level professional competition according to the rules of Australian Football. This is done by the AFL commission which is basically the governing body. Given below are the top most teams that have performed well during the past year.

This club comes from Western Australia and it is based in the Port City of Fremantle. They became the second team in Western Australia to join the Australian rules footy competition. Although they have been performing very poorly in the entire league, recently things turned up and since 2010, the Fremantle club has been playing finals for 5 seasons in the series. They came up to the Grand Final of AFL in 2013 and managed to win the minor premiership too in 2015.

Sydney Swans
This club was basically the first club that entered the competition that was based outside of Victoria, Melbourne. They started off at the South Melbourne Football club, but later shifted to Sydney. Although they have been performing well consistently, they did not however make the finals in three seasons. But their fans have been forever faithful, always purchasing Sydney Swans merchandise and supporting the teams through the hard times as well.

They are also called the hawks and they have won thirteen Australian Football League and Victorian Football League premierships. They won their 12th premiership in 2014. In 2015 however they qualified for their 6th successive final series and won against the Eagles. Sydney Swans were their rivalries since 2014 and though they had a strong fan base, which continuously supported them by obtaining Sydney Swans merchandise, the Hawks remained victorious, check this quality AFL jerseys.

Being nicknamed as tigers are ranked sixth in terms of the premierships they have won. Altogether they have won ten of the premierships, but the most recent victory was back in 1980. However in 2015 they were defeated during the very first week of final, which was a big blow for the players as well as the supporters.

Having 18 teams in total in the AFL, the above teams are some of the many that have performed well during the past few years. The fans and the supporters are thoroughly entertained by the matches and continuous to support their respective teams even in the midst of losses and troubles.

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